We can create your ideal garden. We will listen to your ideas and provide some of our own. By using a combination of materials, we can give you a unique look. Our creative designs and expertise complement the beauty of many of the most sought after homes in Memphis, TN.

Arbor Masters Tree offers complete landscape and tree planting service. If you need a large-scale landscape job completed, we will offer complete structural and plant designs. Trees are usually expensive to purchase and install, and will be, in time, a major part of your landscape. Therefore, adding a new tree to the landscape should be done with a fair degree of consideration.

landscaping_memphis_in_tnWe offer a variety of landscape services to our Memphis customers. We provide expert service in response to property owners’ green-space needs, bringing to our customers the assurance of excellent work performance from skilled and knowledgeable staff.  It’s important to collaborate with a passionate team that listens and focuses their full attention on every intricate detail. We offer customized projects to fit the vision of your dreams. Our quality installation are second to none. Before selecting and planting or removing a tree, consider the size and shape of the mature tree. Consider how much annual maintenance will be required, the location in your yard, and its purpose.

Lighting Trees:
By up-lighting trees, one exploits a unique opportunity to add vertical emphasis and drama in  a garden lighting scheme. Trees with an open habit allow light to fully display the branch structure, while the contrast of color between subjects can be emphasized.