Tree Moving

If you opt for shrub and tree transplanting, you must take steps to improve the likelihood of survival. Transplanting trees and shrubs appears an easy task- this isn’t true! Some species may survive transplanting any time during the year when the ground is not frozen, but woody plants are preferably moved in the spring after the ground thaws and before the buds on the tree or shrub begin to swell. Arbor Masters Tree Services will help you with that tree moving.

They may also be moved in the fall after leaf drop but before the ground freezes. Many transplants die due to improper transplanting. But if you’re about to give a facelift to a landscape design that has been neglected for years, then you will need to move existing plant matter, whether for relocation or for disposal. Fortunately we provide both. We undertake tree moving, on a repeat basis for the most high profile horticultural organizations in Memphis. We can give you advises and about other our services like tree pruning.

tree_moving_memphis_tnAny size of tree, hedge or shrub can be moved using a unique root ball, frame and crane technique. This involves digging around the tree and fitting a special frame which is then lifted by mobile crane either to a nearby position or onto a lorry to transport the tree to its new position where it is then lifted off and replanted by crane.

Arbor Masters Tree provides crane service for a safe and efficient way to make the biggest of jobs seem small. Utilizing a crane is by far the best way to remove unwanted trees. Often we are able to remove trees in your backyard without ever leaving your driveway. Using a crane is safer, faster, and more economical than traditional methods of tree removal. We are able to surgically remove trees that are growing in tight spaces such as next to houses or over patios without causing any damage.