Tree Service

In a city like Memphis with all 4 seasons with warm summers and mild winters, extreme weather conditions are almost a guarantee. Thunderstorms or ice storms, high winds or heavy ice can cause major damage to your trees, property or even your home.
We have both the technical expertise as well as the experience to know how to handle any type of work and any type of tree.

Every tree is unique, from the species and its various characteristics to the site it grows on and all the surroundings associated with it.  Deciding what tree service is necessary, if at all, is a process that takes into consideration many factors.  We will view the tree and discuss your requirements to help you decide what the best course of action is.

Tree Service in Memphis, TNSometimes the necessary actions are clear, for example, to remove this branch after heavy winds. Other times it may be necessary to liaise with the local council to discuss work on trees.  Trees are sometimes protected or if they contribute something to the environment, for example specific wildlife needs.

Trees are a strong, yet fragile part of the yard. With a little help, they thrive and safely provide both beauty and shade. Without help often they become sick and die or unexpectedly fall. If you do not understand trees you may unintentionally harm or even kill them.

Common tree problems:

Dead branches
They present a risk of falling, permit decay to enter the tree and are unsightly. Dead branches serve no useful purpose to the tree. It always is a good idea to remove them whenever possible for aesthetics and the health of the tree.

Dead trees
The tree removal is the most common tree service job. Because dead trees should be removed promptly, especially if they are in an area where it could injure someone, if it fell or create damage.

Mushrooms or Fungus
They growing on or around the tree. Mushrooms and fungus are a sign of rotting or decaying wood or roots. When the tree is dying it loses support and is more likely to break or to fall. We may be able to save the tree, if the problem is identified early enough.

Missing bark.
Large areas of missing bark indicate a sick tree. It attracts insect infestation.

Raised earth
The raised or broken earth around the tree base may be a sign that the tree is starting to uproot and may fall in a strong storm.

Leaning trees
Sometimes trees can naturally start to lean. They present a risk of falling in a storm.

Arbor Masters Tree advises you regularly to examine your trees, looking for potential problems. We can help spot potential problems and give advice.

Tree topping can kill. We recommend crown reduction that involves removing specific branches at or near the treetop. It is far less damaging than tree topping.

Why do you need us?
Tree work is very dangerous because of heights involved. A falling tree or tree branch can damage, property or even seriously injured or killed someone.

Tree Trimming Service in Memphis, TNOur tree crew often removes even difficult trees without damage to other trees, plants, tree’s landscape, and lawns. Without our services, it can be a challenging and expensive task. Landscaping also can kill a tree, because trees breathe through their roots. Adding soil on top of a tree’s root system can suffocate it. If you feel that a neighbor’s tree is in danger of damaging your property, you should call us and we will consider requesting, via certified letter, that the tree be removed. Permits may be required. Many governments regulate tree removal and require inspections and permits. Additionally, in some subdivisions, the homeowners’ association must also approve tree removals. We will assist to getting the proper permits.

Your trees deserve the best services. With Arbor Masters Tree they’re in safe hands.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us to perform a tree risk assessment as soon as possible.