Trees Removal

We’ll remove any tree regardless of size. Arbor Masters Tree Service also take down top trees, which helps with weight reduction.

When it comes to tree removal, thanks to our Arbor Masters tree services this will be done safely. Our tree crews pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination to bring the tree down without damage to your home or property landscaping.

Big trees that have grown in tight or limited spaces that pose a hazard upon its surroundings – tree and stump removal should be left to the professionals. So many of these trees are left untouched with the danger of falling on a house or structure.

We recommend tree removal when:

  • is dying or dead;
  • is causing an obstruction, impossible to correct through pruning;
  • is considered hazardous;
  • it should be removed to allow for new construction;
  • is crowding and causing harm to other trees;
  • is to be replaced.

Tree Stump Removal

Trees_Removal_Memphis_TNIf you have ever gotten a tree removed and neglected to pull out the stump, you know how
unattractive that decision can make your lawn. The stump, sticking out of the ground with an unflattering look, prevents you from having the lawn and garden landscape of your dreams after the stump or tree removing.

After the tree has been removed we can also remove the unsightly stump. Once the stump has been ground you won’t be able to tell that a tree was ever there.
We can ensure you that the job is done completely to your specifications without wreaking
havoc with your foundation or any underground plumbing. Our methods are environmentally friendly and not harmful long term to the environment.
Let a professional tree service show you how to remove tree stumps and grind that ugly tree stump and give your yard a beautiful, clean and obstructed look.