3 Quick Tips From an Expert Arbor Service Provider

Correct Way of Planting Your Trees

A tree’s future health and development depend on the planting techniques used by the landscaper. Since you only have one chance to plant your tree right the first time, it’s vital that you do so properly. Below are 3 quick tips for getting your tree in the ground the correct way from an expert arbor service provider.

Remove the tree from its container

New trees always come in some form of container that holds the root system. Your first step is to remove the tree from its container. Some plants come in a plastic bucket. But for trees, the most common type of container is burlap wrapping. This wrapping envelops the roots and their surrounding soil, creating a neat bundle called a root ball.

Score the hole and the root ball

This is a professional tip many people don’t know. To help your tree’s root system expand, score (i.e., rough up) both the root ball and the sides of the planting hole. This technique makes it much easier for roots to grow through soft, loosened soil. If you skip this step, the ground may be too compacted for the tree’s roots to move through it.

Fill your planting hole

The last step is to fill in your planting hole. Begin by placing the root ball in the hole and double-checking the hole’s dimensions. Make sure that the root flare is just above the top of the hole and that the trunk is straight. Next, begin backfilling the hole with the soil you removed. Consider watering the tree while you backfill. The water at this stage has a dual purpose.

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